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2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.


If your finances have taken a hit because of the virus, then please take care of your family first.  For those that can give, please know how much we appreciate it.  God bless you.

Pastor Rich Laskowski - March 8, 2020

Don't Invite The Devil to Dinner

Don\'t Invite The Devil to Dinner

The message is titled, “Don’t Invite the Devil to Dinner.” We continue in our series on the Letter to the Galatians. In chapter 2, Paul tells us a story of a viral infection that has entered the church and threatens to destroy all the work the Apostle has deposited in that region. Paul is fighting to save the Christian community there from being, as he says, brought back into slavery. This is a hard-hitting message about the importance of guarding what God has entrusted to you, never taking it for granted, and being willing to draw a line in the sand when the Devil comes calling. Let us encourage you to pursue the grace of God and take such a firm hold of it that nothing can rip it from your arms.

From Series: "I Sing Because I'm Happy"

We started a new sermon series this last Sunday titled, “I Sing Because I’m Happy.” It is a chapter by chapter study of the Letter to the Galatians. One of its main emphasis will be on deliverance from spiritual bondage through negative thought patterns. This series will be helpful for all those who struggle with anxiety and depression and other debilitating strongholds in thinking. Invite someone who needs encouragement and help to break free from self-defeating patterns. The next six weeks of teachings may ignite the change you’ve been looking for. Each Sunday, we will be praying for people to be set free from things that have had them captive for a long time – come and be a part of it and experience the freedom promised through Jesus Christ.

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