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Current Sermon Series: GET AFTER IT!

We are currently on a verse by verse expedition through the book of Acts.

In our Christian walk, we should not be casual admirers, but committed soldiers.


Good soldiers are known to study history, and they do so to become better soldiers.


Good soldiers know there is much to be done. And they see themselves—and Christ followers must view ourselves—as continuing on mission. The book of Acts in the Bible is not merely just the history of the early church; it’s the history of the mission of the early church. And we are to continue that mission.


The culture is in need of a Church that will turn the world upside down like the early church did as found in Acts 17:6. Our world is lost and the solution is found in Christ alone. It is time to GET AFTER IT. It is time to be a church in motion like the early church found in the book of Acts.

Watch the first sermon of our current series.

We preach from the Christian Standard Bible. To learn more about the CSB, you can click the link below!

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