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1. The Gospel

We want all that takes place in our lives and church to proceed from, and be related to, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

2. The Bible

The Bible is God’s revealed will. Studying it is how we grow in knowledge about Jesus Christ and it is sufficient to be the roadmap of our lives.

3. The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our source of power as believers that enables us to work to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.

4. Prayer

We pray first in everything that we do. There is no stronger connection to God than prayer.

5. People

The Gospel is for all people, and our commission is to reach all people.

6. Community

We were created to do life together and are better together than when we are alone.

7. The Next Generation

Jesus welcomed the next generation and we desire to see them soar.

8. Simplicity

Keeping things simple allows the important to remain the important.

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