Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana

Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, is a church of imperfect people, if that describes you, come join us, you’ll fit right in.

On Sunday, Join us at 10 AM for an awesome time of worship & teaching.

Join us this Sunday May 22nd for the 4th message in “The Bad Apple” teaching series

This Sunday at 10 am, “Do You Smell Smoke?”

Since its discovery fire has fascinated man. It is both calming and terrifying. It’s always easy to spot someone who has been near a fire because they smell like smoke. There are good fires and there are bad fires. Some warm us and cook our food, others stand as a warning. Jude tells us that there are people so close to the fire that we are to snatch them before they get close enough to be destroyed.
In his little book Jude has been giving us a picture of the nature of the false teachers of his day. Now in verse 20 he turns to his main point. Those that recognize the danger, have a responsible to snatch people from the fire. This Sunday we ask the question, “Do You Smell Smoke?”.

Join us for worship and a challenging and encouraging teaching from God’s word. Christ Community Church is located 1 Mile North of Brazil, Indiana on HWY 59. We start at 10am and we would love to see you there.

For more information, please call our church offices

Building Strong Families in Dark Times – Wed 7pm

Every Wednesday night at 7pm. Worship, teaching on family relationships, and a time of open discussion where families talk about how to raise kids in these challenging times.

The 555 Club
Discipleship & Accountability

Reading Matthew, pondering what is written, and praying about what God has spoken to you.  Join us on this journey of discipleship and consistent daily time with God.

Cookout Wed June 1st 7pm
Food, Games, and Friends

Wednesday June 1st at 7pm.  Dogs on the grill with all the fixins.  Comes join us and bring a friend.  See you out at the shelter behind the church for a evening together. 

Jonah Fish Fry Fundraiser June 11, 2022

Our second annual Jonah Fish Fry will happen on June 11.  Last year was a huge success, let’s do it again!  You can help us pay the mortgage off on the Dome

Scenes from last year at VBS 2021

Join us this year July 11-16 for VBS 2022



People have weird experiences. Some see UFOs. Some hear voices. Some have dreams and see angels. God can and does communicate in unusual ways, but so can the evil one. In the letter of Jude, we see men who have had visions and dreams of some “out of this world things”, and the people are impressed. The problem – they were not from God!

The church in Jude’s day had made a critical error. These Gnostic false teachers never would’ve gotten started at the church if the church remembered a very simple principle. Many churches today are following in the footsteps of the churches Jude is writing to. We uncover that simple principle in the message “DreamWeavers”.

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Youth Ministry

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Give To Christ Community Church Online

We provide the ability to give online for two reasons. First, we have been asked by members of Christ Community Church to provide a way for them to give even if they will not be able to attend the Sunday service. Secondly, we believe strongly in the work of CCC and the message of the Gospel and gladly invite anyone who is like-minded to join us in helping to fulfill the mission of Christ.  Thank you for your generosity and may God bless all the churches in Brazil, Indiana.

Free Online Courses

The prophecy course is available now, the other courses are being developed. 

Hope Found Here Course

A course based upon the promises of Jesus that no matter what you go through you will never be alone.  If you need to renew your hope, this is your course.

End Times Prophecy Study Course

A course based upon The prophetic timeline of God revealed in the Bible giving us hope because it shows us God is in control.

Discipleship Course

Have you ever wondered how to really study the Bible, or learn how to pray? This course will teach you the foundational truths of following Jesus