Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana

Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, is a church of imperfect people, if that describes you, come join us, you’ll fit right in.

On Sunday Join us at 10 AM for an awesome time of worship & teaching.


The message this Sunday “What Makes A Big Dog Whimper?”

We’ve all had the experience where the owner of a big barking dog says, “don’t worry, he won’t bite”. Some of us have had the experience of being bit by that same dog that supposedly does not bite. So, considering the truth, that big barking dogs sometimes bite, we ask, what makes a big dog whimper? The answer, a bigger dog!

In Acts chapter 5, the big dogs of the Jewish Sanhedrin strut out in all their pomp and prideful glory, threatening to bite. But God is the “Big Dog” in the room who immediately shows them He is in total control. As you read chapter 5, you can almost hear a little whimper.


Join us this Sunday as we look at Acts 5:17-42 and see God teach the lesson of the “Big Dog”. He also shows us something that we would not expect in this passage. He shows us something that goes entirely against our human nature, but is essential to understand as we move forward into these hard days in America.

I hope to see you this Sunday at Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, at 10 am. We are located just 1 Mile North of Brazil, Indiana on HWY 59.


Message Title – “The Word On The Street”.

People love to talk. They love to tell some new thing they have discovered or share a juicy bit of gossip. In first century Jerusalem, the buzz around town was about what was happening in the newly formed church. Everywhere you went you heard people talking in hushed tones saying, “did you hear what happened over by Solomon’s Portico. Some guy died, and the word is God killed him, others are being healed of diseases they’ve had for years. People are coming into town from far and wide to see what’s going on.”

The bible says the people were freaked-out, but, drawn like a moth to a flame. They went to check it out – from a distance, of course. Something was happening that they had never seen before. God was present and turning everything upside down, and the people couldn’t quit talking about it.

A Teaching from Julia Thistle CCC Prayer Team Coordinator

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