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Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, is a church of imperfect people, if that describes you, come join us, you’ll fit right in.


The leadership of Christ Community Church has sought to find a balance of faith and loving responsibility regarding the pandemic.  We do not want to walk in fear, but we also recognize that our freedom may put those we love at risk.  Therefore we are requiring social distance at all our services.  We offer an outdoor service at 9 am and an indoor service at 11 am.  All surfaces within the church are sanitized and we are asking anyone who is not feeling well to stay at home and rest. 


Every Sunday Two Great Services

Outside Worship 9 am – Inside Worship 11 am

This Sunday’s Message: Blood Soaked Ground

The message for this Sunday is titled “Blood Soaked Ground.” The Bible teaches that innocent blood cries out from the ground to God, demanding justice.
The Bible also teaches that the innocent blood of Jesus on the cross and dripped to the ground speaks.

America is at a crossroads where her fate will be decided. We have soaked our ground with the innocent blood of millions of unborn children that even now cries out to God for justice. We have also been offered mercy through the innocent blood of Jesus. Heaven holds it’s breath as America comes to the valley of decision. What we do next will determine what God does next.

Come this Sunday as God calls us to lift our voices for this nation we love, that she would turn back to God, experience revival, and remain a shining city upon a hill.

Message Last Sunday: The Glory of the Lord Filled the House

Last week we focused on God’s voice in worship. Worship is a powerful weapon that overcomes and overpowers the demonic sent to resist the believer.

In this message, I will share with you what God has shared with me about why worship is so powerful and how worship is not merely submitting to God, but it creates a dynamic effect as God’s presence fills a place leaving no room for anything else.

These concepts will cause you to see worship in an entirely different light. A weapon that overcomes and overpowers the demonic sent to resist the believer.

Give to Christ Community Church Online

We provide the ability to give online for two reasons.  First, we have been asked by members of Christ Community Church to provide a way for them to give even if they will not be able to attend the Sunday service. Secondly, we believe strongly in the work of CCC and the message of the Gospel and gladly invite anyone who is like minded to join us in helping to fulfill the mission of Christ.

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