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Pastor Rich Laskowski - February 6, 2022

The Church and the New World Order

The Church and the New World Order

Often, fear comes when we don’t understand what is happening. The unknown or unanswered questions fuel anxiety, but when answers come, even though the difficulty still exists, our mind can rest. This is true as we watch world events today. If we see things from the perspective of unexplainable chaos, it produces fear, but if we see the events of the day having order and meaning, even though stressful, we have can hope for tomorrow because we know that this present trouble is temporary. When we hear the phrase “New World Order” it conjures frightening pictures of last day’s events. But if we understand that New World Order is an ancient push for the unity of a “One World” system, that has a very specific reason. When we see that Satan desperately wants to unify the world, we must ask why? When we see world history and man’s thirst for conquest in light of Satan’s goal of world unity, we now see that chaos does not exist. Everything on God’s side, and everything on Satan’s side, has pin point purpose; our eyes become clear, and we know exactly what we must do next!

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