2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.


If your finances have taken a hit because of the virus, then please take care of your family first.  For those that can give, please know how much we appreciate it.  God bless you.

Pastor Rich Laskowski - November 21, 2021

On The Mountain Or In The Vallley

For some of you, this is a good day. For others, this is a bad day. Life gives us changing seasons and shifting circumstances that create mountaintops and valleys. This Thanksgiving, there will be those who silently tell themselves that they have nothing to be thankful for and feel that God has turned His back on them. While the human experience can bruise and, be painful, and leave us with questions for our Creator, there remains a mysterious secret hidden in the simple expression of thanks on bad days. This Sunday we think about the value of being thankful by looking at the story of a man devastated by loss. His name is Job. The Book of Job makes many Christians a little nervous because they’re not sure what the message is. Does this book teach us we should be ready to experience devastation at any moment? No, it presents us with a question. If you lost everything tomorrow, would you still see God as good? While Job seems like a depressing story, it holds the key to happiness.

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