2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.


If your finances have taken a hit because of the virus, then please take care of your family first.  For those that can give, please know how much we appreciate it.  God bless you.

Pastor Rich Laskowski - July 16, 2017

God is Building a House

God is Building a House

The message is titled, God is Building a House. Many people question why God has allowed pain and trouble in their lives and why after many prayers and tears it remains. There is an answer, and it’s not that you don’t have enough faith, and it’s not that God doesn’t care. God is building a house and you are an important part of it. We all love the taste of victory, but there will be times when victory seems a long way off. It’s in those times of trial that God uses struggle as a tool to reveal His glory as we surrender to the skill of a Master craftsman. You may be going through a struggle right now, let us encourage you this Sunday and help you to see that God has not forgotten you, He is there with His hand on your shoulder busy at work creating, shaping, building something beautiful – endure this season of testing knowing that the clouds will soon break and His glory will brilliantly be revealed.

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