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Pastor Rich Laskowski - December 23, 2018

A Mother's Eyes and The Christmas Logos

A Mother\'s Eyes and The Christmas Logos

The message titled, A Mother’s Eyes & The Christmas Logos. We will talk about all the things Mary, the mother of Jesus, saw. The natural things that all mother’s see, and the flash of the Divine that Mary witnesses as she watched this One who had both come from her, and was God in flesh. The fabric of time and space was pulled back for Mary to peer through like no other human being before her. When she kissed her little baby, she kissed the face of God.

From Series: "The Christmas Logos"

The series is titled The Christmas Logos. Over the next 5 messages, we will follow the Christmas Logos through the ages and reveal how the Logos is revealed through prophecy, angelic messengers, wise men, covenants, and genealogies. The Apostle John used the word “logos” to describe the pre-incarnate Christ. This word is packed with meaning and history that will unfold the Christmas story in a fresh and provocative way.

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