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2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.


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Pastor Rich Laskowski - October 8, 2017

The Pillar and the Foundation of the Truth

The Pillar and the Foundation of the Truth

The teaching is titled, The Pillar and Foundation of the Truth. In this message we will talk about a raging conflict we see in news reports today. A clash of world views that drive people to violence and national division. Post Modern thought has crept into every area of our society and even the church. It shows up in books, movies, politics, and sermons on a regular basis. One of its main tenants is that absolute truth cannot be known. Right away we see a clash with scripture that says absolute truth can be known. While much of post modernism has generated great unbelief and rejection of Christ, there is something incredibly hopeful about this worldview, something that will help you look past the conflict of the day and smile at the future. Let’s talk about it


We start a new sermon series this Sunday called, WHY THE CHURCH MATTERS. Over the coming weeks we will cover many reasons why the church matters and how God has designed it to serve many powerful purposes in the world. Sunday, we start with a simple truth, the church matters because God leads us through a soul shaping journey from our first awkward visit to our local church, to our last breath on earth. He uses the dynamic of community in the body of Christ to impart real life change that goes far beyond simple knowledge. There is something supernatural that happens when people walk together, live and work together, some stumbling, others breaking their fall, all in plain sight for the world to see that God has created a very unusual people.

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