2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.

Pastor Rich Laskowski - December 8, 2019

His Name is John

His Name is John

The message is titled "His Name is John". This message is for all those that feel small and alone, picturing themselves as overshadowed and overpowered by life and circumstances. This Christmas season, we want you to see your world differently – we want you to see you are a part of something powerful and significant - something big! Instead of feeling you are under the shadow of everything, we want you to know that you and Christ cast a bigger shadow than anything the world can muster up.


The message titled, “A KINGDOM THAT WILL NEVER GROW OLD”. We begin a new series of sermons that dovetails off the last series where we talked about building an atmosphere of hope. This new series will focus on the hope of the Kingdom of God. The Lord teaches us in His word that Christians are not of this world, that we are of another Kingdom, one that will never grow old. This Kingdom has come to replace all the kingdoms of the world. This Kingdom has a foundation that can never be shaken. I believe revival is coming for this reason – because the kingdoms of this world are now being shaken, filled with confusion, cut loose from all anchors of truth and reality, leaving people with an inner sense that something is desperately wrong. “Reason” has left the building, and what remains is creating fear in the hearts of people as they feel the movement of slithering hopelessness sneaking in. But, in steps, the proclamation of the Kingdom of God that will never grow old, that resonates in stability and strength resulting in faith and peace, and sinful hearts once distant, now called into God's embrace. Church, because we know this, we seek to create a Kingdom atmosphere in our churches that will be a tangible invitation to all those who are tired of sinking sand. Jesus is coming; let us proclaim the never-changing hope of the Kingdom of God.

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