2Ti 4:2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage– with great patience and careful instruction.


If your finances have taken a hit because of the virus, then please take care of your family first.  For those that can give, please know how much we appreciate it.  God bless you.

Pastor Rich Laskowski - October 27, 2019

Lie to Me!

Lie to Me!

The message is titled “Lie to Me!”. Immediately you think what a strange sermon title since, of course, the Bible seriously frowns on lying, but wait, there’s a special circumstance where it’s not only OK to lie, but where I need you to lie to me. That circumstance is when we are both not sure I can do what God has called me to do – it’s then I need you to lie to me and tell me, you can do it, Rich! Your words can make me or break me. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, just lie to me, and tell me I can do it! The reason this lie is OK is because the truth is, I can do it, no matter what you or the rest of the world thinks, I can do it – so, lie to me and help me to see that nothing is impossible with God.

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