New to CCC?

It can be hard attending a church for the first time not knowing what to expect.  This page is dedicated to preparing you for your first visit to Christ Community Church and helping you to get a look at us before you walk through the doors.

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You Will Find a family Here

Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, is a little different than you may have experienced before.  We are not very “churchy”.  We are real people acting like real people with all kinds of problems and flaws, but with incredible faith in the changing power of Jesus Christ.

People usually dress casual for Sunday morning.  No emphaisis is placed on a person’s clothing and jeans are very common.  The atmosphere is laid back and easy and people usually spend a lot of time visiting before and after services.  It’s sometimes hard to get them to go home.

Service time and length?

Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10am and usually ends around 11:30am.

Prayer Meeting takes place on Wednesday Evening at 7pm and ends at 8pm.

What happens in a typical service?

The service begins as the worship team leads the congregation in song.  The music is contempoaray and uplifting using guitars, drums, and keyboards.

Following worship, the pastor will bring a teaching from the Bible that last around 30 minutes.

The service closes with an opportunity to receive prayer for any needs.

Is CCC affiliated with a denomination?
CCC is not affiliated with any one denomination.  We could be described as interdenominational because our members come from many Christian traditions.  Some have an Assemblies of God background while other come from Baptist traditions.
Spiritual gifts?

CCC believes God does operate by supernatural means in this world, including healing of sick bodies and granting of spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit.

Because these areas have been abused and misunderstood by many, we seek to strike a balance of faith in God’s word and avoidance of those things that tend to cause division and confusion.

We try to apply the principle that those things that elevate and glorify God are beautiful and are of God, and those things that elevate glorify the individual in pride are ugly and not of God.

What is offered for the children on Sunday morning?
During the worship service we provide a full children’s church experience that includes worship, teaching, and skits.  Nursery and preschool are also provided for the little ones during the morning worship service.

We also have a Mommy and Me room for nursing mothers where moms can visit with others who are in common experience.

If I have more questions who can I talk to?
You can use the form on this page to send us any question not listed here or give us a call and arrange for a phone call or visit from the pastor.

Do You Have Other Questions?

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