Pastor Rich Laskowski - December 7, 2020

What's So Great About The Desert?

There is growing weariness in the hearts of many due to election chaos and Corona Virus reports. Wear masks or don't wear a mask; the virus is a joke; the virus is deadly. We know we have been lied to by almost everybody; we aren't sure where the lies end and the truth begins. The result is that we are exhausted and irritable. Trying to trust God, but some days that is difficult. With Christmas just a few weeks away, another layer of stress is added to our lives as we prepare for the holidays. When we think about the desert, we probably get a picture of the poor guy crawling through the hot sand in the blazing sun, empty canteen with vultures circling overhead. Which ironically is how 2020 has felt most of the year. But wait! God uses the desert! This Sunday, I want to show you that we are not in a nose dive plunging out of control into the hot sand, but instead, we are right where God wants us to be. The desert can be a beautiful place when it's God, who has led you there. Prepare to receive a cold drink of water

From Series: "Lord I Need You Now!"

At times God seems so distant, but we must remember we are His children. Sometimes shopping in a store, I hear the voice of a young child cry out, “dad”! All my kids are grown and have moved out, but still, I respond to that little voice in the distance. A father’s ears are tuned to the voice of his children. Know that your Father’s ears are most certainly tuned to your voice. He knows your voice in a crowd. Just cry out to Him, and you immediately have His attention.

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