Pastor Rich Laskowski - January 20, 2019

Walk Like a Winner

Walk Like a Winner

Walk Like a Winner - this message will encourage the believer to put on an attitude of victory in every aspect of their lives. Jesus has already made them a winner through His shed blood, they literally have already won. When someone walks across the room, you can read their walk. You can tell if they are happy or sad, on top of the world or ready to give up. How we walk, talk, and conduct our lives means something. If we choose to walk like a winner, every aspect of our lives will immediately improve. You see yourself differently, other people see you differently, and God notices a person who has let their life rest on the finality of the cross and a future causing them to be settled and secure. No matter what happens to a follower of Christ they ultimately win eternal rewards – we can’t lose.

From Series: "Old Testament Showdowns"

The message is titled, GO TAKE IT! We are starting a new series of messages called, Old Testament Showdowns where we will look at some great Old Testament stories of God’s power and victory. This Sunday we look at the passage in Numbers 13 where the children of Israel fold on the edge of the promised land and miss what God had already given them because they were unwilling to boldly GO TAKE IT!

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