Pastor Rich Laskowski - February 17, 2019

Standing in the Valley as the Enemy Charges

Standing in the Valley as the Enemy Charges

The message is titled Standing in the Valley as the Enemy Charges. When the children of Israel entered the promised land, God emphasized the importance of obedience to His directions. Whenever they were faithful to that command, they achieved their objective. We sometimes see obedience as a negative where the stronger controls, the weaker. With God, our compliance results in blessing, not domination. Obedience is God’s method of placing us at the exact point where He knows His blessing is soon to fall. Let me help you to see that God is at work moving you into the place where you will experience the destiny He has planned for you and where you will be a part of God bringing forth His master plan to bless the entire earth.

From Series: "Old Testament Showdowns"

The message is titled, GO TAKE IT! We are starting a new series of messages called, Old Testament Showdowns where we will look at some great Old Testament stories of God’s power and victory. This Sunday we look at the passage in Numbers 13 where the children of Israel fold on the edge of the promised land and miss what God had already given them because they were unwilling to boldly GO TAKE IT!

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