Pastor Rich Laskowski - March 20, 2022

The King Eternal

Do you remember the moment it happened? The moment you understood that things die. I remember riding in the car and having a conversation with my mom. I was probably around 6. I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but I remember her words like it was yesterday. She said, “well Rich, we’re all going to die”. That was news to me. It was the first thought I ever had about death. I didn’t know then that the bible calls death the final enemy. Today, I’m very aware that this old body is not going to last forever. But the good news is that Jesus is the King Eternal. He is a giver of eternal life. As I turn my thoughts to the coming celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I begin a new series of messages that I’m calling “The Jesus Series”. This Sunday, we start by looking at Jesus as “The King Eternal” and our great hope of eternal life.

From Series: "Make The Church Great Again"

Every year we make new year’s resolutions, meaning that we have resolved to make needed changes in our lives. We all mean well, but then we ‘re faced with the reality that change is painful. Many decide that the old self was good enough. Something similar happens in the church. We recognize we are not the church we want to be, but when confronted with the reality that change will be painful, we humbly say, well nobody’s perfect, the church is ok, at least pretty close to it, and that’s good enough. But maybe this year will be different? Maybe this year is the year that we cry out to God and say, Lord, Make The Church Great Again?

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