Pastor Rich Laskowski - November 5, 2017

The Healer Lives Here

The Healer Lives Here

In this message we will bring an insightful survey of everything the Bible says about the subject and answer some of the controversial questions regarding physical healing. This teaching is not based upon a book or podcast, but the red-hot facts of scripture. If you’re looking for answers this may help.


We start a new sermon series this Sunday called, WHY THE CHURCH MATTERS. Over the coming weeks we will cover many reasons why the church matters and how God has designed it to serve many powerful purposes in the world. Sunday, we start with a simple truth, the church matters because God leads us through a soul shaping journey from our first awkward visit to our local church, to our last breath on earth. He uses the dynamic of community in the body of Christ to impart real life change that goes far beyond simple knowledge. There is something supernatural that happens when people walk together, live and work together, some stumbling, others breaking their fall, all in plain sight for the world to see that God has created a very unusual people.


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