Pastor Rich Laskowski - September 28, 2020

The Glory of The Lord Filled The House

The message this Sunday is titled “The Glory Of The Lord Filled The House.” We continue pursuing God’s divine voice of power to meet the needs of hurting people. This week we focus on God’s voice in worship. Worship is a powerful weapon that overcomes and overpowers the demonic sent to resist the believer. In this message, I will share with you what God has shared with me about why worship is so powerful and how worship is not merely submitting to God, but it creates a dynamic effect as God’s presence fills a place leaving no room for anything else. These concepts will cause you to see worship in an entirely different light.

From Series: "The God of Thunder"

We start a new sermon series this Sunday called "The God of Thunder." Over the next six weeks, we will be working our way through scripture, looking at passages that focus on God's power poured out on earth completely overpowering all that stands in His way. This series' premise is that there comes a time when talking and reasoning are a waste of time. Only the raw power of God can change unchangeable problems. The church has long taught that God is love, and He is. But let us not forget that He is also God with a voice like thunder that causes all the earth to tremble, and nothing is beyond His grasp. Join us on this journey of emptying ourselves of those things that are weak and have no power and pursuing those things that destroy, evil, bondage, and suffering

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