Pastor Rich Laskowski - July 18, 2021

Nothing But Truth

Nothing But Truth

The message is titled “Nothing But Truth.” In last week’s message, “Powers & Principalities Disarmed,” I talked about deliverance from demonic oppression. I said that it was essential to identify what lies we have believed because these serve as strongholds for the enemy. Knowing what a lie is and what the truth is will set the course of our lives and result in blessing and obedience to God. Believing a lie will result in shipwreck. Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes, He will lead us into all truth. We explore what it means to know and walk in the truth and how this will equip us to have freedom in every part of our life and help others get free from the snare of the devil.

From Series: "Hope Found Here"

This series will focus on the hope we have in Jesus Christ. That even as we see storm clouds on the horizon, we know all is well because Christ lives within us. We will talk about the power of the Holy Spirit to equip the church to be a "Hope Found Here" church, and offer tangible help to hurting people through gifts of the Holy Spirit working within God's people.

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