Pastor Rich Laskowski - July 4, 2021

That's My Flag Don't Touch It

The message title is That's My Flag, Don't Touch It! The American flag stands as a symbol of what we believe as a people, what God has given us as a nation, and the spiritual principle that God blesses nations that recognize and reverence Him as the Most-High God. The attack on our flag and on all that it declares has its origin in the demonic. We, as Americans and followers of Christ, have the power and authority to draw a line in the sand and say it stops here - That's my flag, don't touch it! This one is "fire in my bones," come join us and understand the spiritual dynamic behind American Patriotism.

From Series: "Hope Found Here"

This series will focus on the hope we have in Jesus Christ. That even as we see storm clouds on the horizon, we know all is well because Christ lives within us. We will talk about the power of the Holy Spirit to equip the church to be a "Hope Found Here" church, and offer tangible help to hurting people through gifts of the Holy Spirit working within God's people.

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