Pastor Rich Laskowski - January 15, 2017

Overcoming Demonic Resistance to Weapons Proficiency Part 1

Overcoming Demonic Resistance to Weapons Proficiency Part 1

We continue in our Combat Ready Series with a message titled – Overcoming Demonic Resistance to Weapons Proficiency. We will be talking about the powerful spiritual weapons God has given the believer to stand against the schemes of the enemy and how to overcome demonic strategies to resist us from becoming proficient in their use.

From Series: "Combat Ready"

A new teaching series entitled Combat Ready. The premise of the series is that Satan and the demonic are constantly in a state of war with the believer strategically resisting our advancement in the kingdom of God. He uses common lies to paralyze the believer trying to disguise his resistance as circumstances, other people, and even the believer’s own thoughts and desire, but all the while hidden in the shadows it’s really the quiet and maniacal voice of the evil one manipulating us like a puppet. In this series, we will expose the lies of Satan stripping them of power and equipping the believer to overcome demonic resistance with the power of Christ.

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