Pastor Rich Laskowski - May 1, 2022

God Ain't Playin

In his little letter Jude warns the churches about false teachers that have turned the grace of God into a license for sexual immorality. These false teachers talked about grace, but how far does God’s grace go? Does God’s grace cover flat out rebellion? The Bible teaches us that God loves humanity and has sent Jesus to pay for our sins so that all obstacles to relationship with God may be removed, but some in Jude’s day had misunderstood the grace of God–they forgot that just as God is mercy and grace, He is also holiness and justice. Today people make the same mistake, they think the cross is a license to sin. Jude teaches us that “God ain’t playin”, and it's important to understand the balance between grace and justice.

From Series: "The Bad Apple Series"

This little book of 1 chapter, just 25 verses addresses a timely problem, the danger of corruption. The church is created to be “the ground and pillar of the truth”, so it is easy to understand why it is a prime target of misinformation. Just as one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, corruption has the diabolic ability to spread rapidly. Jude calls us to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. His message has massive application for the times we live in.

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