Pastor Rich Laskowski - January 23, 2022

Light and Glory and the Church at the Crossroads

There’s a place where there’s no trouble. A place where pain doesn’t exist. A place that, without knowing it, every song longing for a better day, is singing about. A place where nobody dies, and people are never sad. It’s called the Kingdom of God. Not only is it coming, but it’s here. It’s so close now that sometimes we get a glimpse of the light and the glory of this Kingdom as though it’s pressing against some unseen barrier barely able to hold it back. God has given the church a mission, but people are sometimes confused about what the mission is. The simplest way to define the mission of the church is that the church points the way and tells the world that they have been invited to this kingdom. Their entrance, made possible by Jesus’ great love, demonstrated on the cross. The church is to be a place where the light and glory of the kingdom of God is visible as God pulls back the fabric between heaven and earth, letting us taste what is to come.

From Series: "Make The Church Great Again"

Every year we make new year’s resolutions, meaning that we have resolved to make needed changes in our lives. We all mean well, but then we ‘re faced with the reality that change is painful. Many decide that the old self was good enough. Something similar happens in the church. We recognize we are not the church we want to be, but when confronted with the reality that change will be painful, we humbly say, well nobody’s perfect, the church is ok, at least pretty close to it, and that’s good enough. But maybe this year will be different? Maybe this year is the year that we cry out to God and say, Lord, Make The Church Great Again?

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