Pastor Rich Laskowski - October 13, 2019

In My Father's House

In My Father\'s House

The message is titled "In My Father's House." The church can be a strange place that intimidates the average first-time attendee. It's difficult getting to know people and fit into a group that's well established. Some of you may have experienced cliques in church like a club for V.I.P.s. But this is the farthest thing from what God designed the church to be. At Christ Community Church, we are intentionally seeking to throw open wide the doors and proclaim all are welcome in God's house, and you can be a part of our circle. We are in a season of inspecting our hearts in preparation for the future and allowing God to teach us to be more inviting and welcoming, building a place of hope for all people.

From Series: "The Next Chapter"

We start a brand new sermon series titled “The Next Chapter.” In this series of sermons, we assert that God has embedded the love for “story” in every human heart. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen next, so we keep turning pages with the thought, “I’m going to read just one more chapter.” The thought of the next chapter calls us forward and makes our pulse race. Life is also filled with chapters, chapters that are hard to see when we’re in the middle of them, but as we step back and look at the big picture, we can see distinct seasons or chapters that God has placed us in. Being able to recognize the end of one chapter and the beginning of next is of enormous importance. The success of the new chapter depends upon the preparation that comes before it. Christ Community Church is about to enter into a new chapter. After the road closed in front of the church, God called the church to pray, and the church responded. Attendance at out Midweek prayer meeting has tripled, and people are seeing God do amazing things. Come and be a part of what God is doing and help us pray and seek God for an outpouring of His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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