Pastor Rich Laskowski - January 26, 2020

How Far?

How Far?

The message is titled “How Far?”. We live in an age that demands compromise of the follower of Christ. We used to live in a “live and let live” culture, but not anymore. Lines are being clearly drawn and the world is saying you must choose. God is saying you must choose. The looming question is, how far will you go to follow Christ? God is asking that question and the enemy is curious too. We talk about opposition and it's value, and how the church needs to be “woke” to the truth that opposition is a blessing that helps the power of God to be released to a hurting and broken world.

From Series: "WOKE"

The message is titled "Woke." We start off the new year with a series of messages that serve as a challenge to the church. Much of popular culture uses the word "woke" to describe the experience of becoming aware of injustice. This term was initially used to describe being awakened to racism, but as often happens, words are hijacked and given wider, unintended meanings. The definition of the word "woke" now includes many things that stand contrary to the word of God. This series is not about debating with culture about whether or not they are indeed "woke," but more so encouraging the church to understand that the world doesn't need a better argument. What the world needs, is to see the power of God in the church. The church needs to be "woke"! "Woke" to the reality that God can radically change any situation. Join us as we begin a journey asking God to shake His church, wake us up, revive, and fill us with the kind of power that will change the world around us. Lord, let your glory fall in this place.

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