Pastor Rich Laskowski - November 9, 2020


Someone once said that time spent in front of a fire is never wasted; there is something incredibly fascinating about it. It can be warming and comforting, or it can be wild and out of control. The Bible calls God a consuming fire and likens the judgment of God to fire. It also paints a picture of the presence of God like fire. As I contemplated this message's direction, I sensed God saying that there is only a small difference between the fire of judgment and the fire of revival. In both cases, God consumes. In judgment, he consumes the wicked and cleanses the earth of evil. In revival, he consumes the wickedness of our hearts with the fire of His presence. As America wrestles with who will be President, the storm clouds on the horizon grow blacker. A storm is coming—a storm of fire.

From Series: "Storm Rider"

The Bible teaches that innocent blood cries out from the ground to God, demanding justice. The Bible also teaches that the innocent blood of Jesus on the cross and dripped to the ground speaks. America is at a crossroads where her fate will be decided. We have soaked our ground with the innocent blood of millions of unborn children that even now cries out to God for justice. We have also been offered mercy through the innocent blood of Jesus. Heaven holds it’s breath as America comes to the valley of decision. What we do next will determine what God does next. God calls us to lift our voices for this nation we love, that she would turn back to God, experience revival, and remain a shining city upon a hill.

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