Pastor Rich Laskowski - February 1, 2021

Josiah And The Lost Book

The message is titled “Josiah and the Lost Book”. There are many voices claiming to understand what is happening today. Experts in the world and experts in the church, all claiming to have inside knowledge better than the next soothsayer. The word of God teaches us to trust the ancient patterns that God has given us in His word. They are clear and they are abundant. So this week we look at the ancient pattern revealed in the story of King Josiah and the lost book of the Law in 2 Kings 22 This message will help you put down roots into the right soil that will serve as a solid foundation that will not move and shift with the latest breaking news story.

From Series: "Lord I Need You Now!"

At times God seems so distant, but we must remember we are His children. Sometimes shopping in a store, I hear the voice of a young child cry out, “dad”! All my kids are grown and have moved out, but still, I respond to that little voice in the distance. A father’s ears are tuned to the voice of his children. Know that your Father’s ears are most certainly tuned to your voice. He knows your voice in a crowd. Just cry out to Him, and you immediately have His attention.

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