Pastor Rich Laskowski - December 28, 2020

God In The In-Between

God In The In-Between

I will talk about how God sometimes strangely pauses in the middle of His work – we feel it now as we hang between 2020 and 2021. This strange phenomenon also happens in our personal lives, a sense that God is waiting, much like Christ waited after getting the news that Lazarus was sick. For many, 2020 seems like a bad dream, and we are about to wake up, but we are stuck in that place between sleep and wake, as though something isn't quite finished. Let's explore the concept of "GOD IN THE IN-BETWEEN"

From Series: "Lord I Need You Now!"

At times God seems so distant, but we must remember we are His children. Sometimes shopping in a store, I hear the voice of a young child cry out, “dad”! All my kids are grown and have moved out, but still, I respond to that little voice in the distance. A father’s ears are tuned to the voice of his children. Know that your Father’s ears are most certainly tuned to your voice. He knows your voice in a crowd. Just cry out to Him, and you immediately have His attention.

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