Pastor Rich Laskowski - July 26, 2020

Dark Systems

The message is titled “Dark Systems, and the People of the Light.” All things operate within a system. Humanity is being held within a dark system that blinds the eyes of the unbelieving to think and act in ways that increase bondage and slavery of the soul. Our mission is to bring the light of Jesus Christ so that the captives can be set free. But first, we must have our eyes completely opened and pull free of all the chains that have us bound.

From Series: "The Message of the 7 Spirits"

The message is titled “The Message of the 7 Spirits”. God sometimes speaks in shadows and symbols because He wants to communicate with those who will look closely and passionately want to know what He is saying. This message will look with that kind of intensity at the seven letters written to the seven church churches in the Book of Revelation. Hidden in ancient words written on a desert island by a man named John, we will find a last-day message to the church.

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