Pastor Rich Laskowski - September 12, 2021

The Word On The Street

People love to talk. They love to tell some new thing they have discovered or share a juicy bit of gossip. In first century Jerusalem, the buzz around town was about what was happening in the newly formed church. Everywhere you went you heard people talking in hushed tones saying, “did you hear what happened over by Solomon’s Portico. Some guy died, and the word is God killed him, others are being healed of diseases they’ve had for years. People are coming into town from far and wide to see what’s going on.” The bible says the people were freaked-out, but, drawn like a moth to a flame. They went to check it out - from a distance, of course. Something was happening that they had never seen before. God was present and turning everything upside down, and the people couldn’t quit talking about it.

From Series: "Plundering The Kingdom Of Darkness"

In this study, we focus on passages in the Book of Acts where the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness clash. We watch the sick get healed, the demon-possessed delivered, and blind eyes opened as Jesus kicks Satan to the curb. Church, we learn that we have the advantage in this warfare and need not be afraid.

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