Pastor Rich Laskowski - August 15, 2021

I Will Give The Nations to You

I Will Give The Nations to You

When you think of God, you need to think bigger. As I’ve read through the pages of scriptures for these last 40 years, I noticed something. Every year, God gets bigger. Of course, it’s not God getting bigger, it’s my view of Him that grows. Take, for example, the 2nd Chapter of Acts. Years ago, I saw in the passage the Holy Spirit falling upon those in the upper room as the birth of the church, the coming of the new covenant, and the promise of the Holy Spirit working in all believers. While these are marvelous truths, there’s something else this chapter shows us, something that is magnificent in its complexity and beauty – Acts 2 and Psalm 2 connect.

From Series: "Plundering The Kingdom Of Darkness"

In this study, we focus on passages in the Book of Acts where the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness clash. We watch the sick get healed, the demon-possessed delivered, and blind eyes opened as Jesus kicks Satan to the curb. Church, we learn that we have the advantage in this warfare and need not be afraid.

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