Pastor Rich Laskowski - May 17, 2021

Israel Key to Last Days Prophecy

I share the last message in our Daniel series. In our study, we have uncovered a fascinating truth, Israel is the center of last day's prophecy. If we want to know how close the world is to the Tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ, we should not look at America; we should look at the tiny nation of Israel. We look at the coming peace and war in Israel. We look at the strange phenomenon of Jewish people all over the world returning to their homeland. We look at the battle over the land of Cannan and the building of the third temple. These things open our eyes to God's prophetic timeline causing us to say, "come Lord Jesus."

From Series: "Postcards From Babylon"

For the next several weeks we will be studying the Book of Daniel and how God revealed Himself in powerful ways even though the people of God were in a difficult place. In this prophetic Old Testament book, we see dreams & visions for the last days, revivals led by pagan kings, miraculous deliverance of God's people, and a blueprint for the church in these tumultuous times. Imagine Daniel captive in Babylon and sending postcards back to those that remain in Judah. He tells a tale of what God will do for His people when they refuse to worship idols and bow to pagan authority. As we read Daniel's postcards we gain great insight helping us to remain strong in these days of pagan captivity.

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