Pastor Rich Laskowski - June 12, 2022

An Ancient Covenant & The Shadow of God

Ruth chapter two shows us Ruth asking Boaz why he has chosen to show her such favor? The answer is that God was pouring out protection and provision based upon the Abrahamic Covenant. God had covered Ruth with His shadow and His wings of covenant protection and blessing. This teaching opens our eyes to the power of covenant in our lives. The Abrahamic Covenant and the blood covenant of Jesus Christ have provide us with powerful promises as we take shelter under His wings

From Series: "The Amazing Story of Ruth, Ancestor of King David"

Have you ever felt like God was against you? You look at the things you have experienced in the past year and say, where was God in all this? The only explanation you have is God must be against you. We start a brand-new sermon series called, “The Amazing Story of Ruth, Ancestor of King David”. In the first chapter of the book of Ruth, we see Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law. She has lost everything and makes the declaration “the LORD’s hand has gone out against me!”. Boy, was she wrong, and you might be wrong too. Often God is working His plan behind the scenes, but it feels like He has forgotten us. This book teaches that God can use life’s pain and disappointments to position us in the center of His will. Often, we can’t see what God is doing until it’s been unveiled, then we say, wow, you’ve been there all along.

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