Pastor Rich Laskowski - November 2, 2020

America's Storm

his message will outline our national history, pointing out places that the enemy has deceived us into standing by silently while our culture floated towards oblivion. As we look at our history, we will see that America, and especially the American church, has been taught to be reserved, dignified, and quiet. We have come to believe that this is what Christians do. The result has been an intimidated, fearful, weak church that speaks more like a mouse than a lion. The storm clouds forming on the horizon are growing darker every day. America stands at a crossroads. Everyone you talk to recognizes that something strange and unique is happening in America. God is calling the church to pray prayers of desperation and passion for this country that we love, asking God to heal our land. It is time for the sleeping giant called the CHURCH to wake up and call down the thunder from the sky. Now is the time to read His word, pray like men and women on fire, and because we have discerned His will, cry out with an unrelenting voice refusing to let go of God until He rains revival on our land.

From Series: "Storm Rider"

The Bible teaches that innocent blood cries out from the ground to God, demanding justice. The Bible also teaches that the innocent blood of Jesus on the cross and dripped to the ground speaks. America is at a crossroads where her fate will be decided. We have soaked our ground with the innocent blood of millions of unborn children that even now cries out to God for justice. We have also been offered mercy through the innocent blood of Jesus. Heaven holds it’s breath as America comes to the valley of decision. What we do next will determine what God does next. God calls us to lift our voices for this nation we love, that she would turn back to God, experience revival, and remain a shining city upon a hill.

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