Pastor Rich Laskowski - July 21, 2019

A Tender Heart and a Humble Mind

A Tender Heart and a Humble Mind

he message is titled “A Tender Heart and a Humble Mind”. We continue to teach out of 1 Peter where Peter is encouraging the believers to prepare for difficult days ahead. This week he focuses on the necessity of strong relationships within the church to prepare for the coming days of persecution. All along the book, we are taught that a foundation of right and good relationships will strengthen the foundation as the storm winds blow.

From Series: "When Rome Roars"

Peter is writing to believers that are trying to live for Christ in a culture that is becoming increasingly unfriendly to Christians. There are significant parallels in 1 Peter to the culture we live in today. Peter sees first-century society becoming hostile and knows that more is coming, so he writes this great letter of encouragement equipping the believers to stand in tough times and look to the greater glory that will be revealed. This series is for the faithful follower of Christ who hears the roar of Rome in the air but is determined to remain steadfast in Christ.

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