Annual Events

Our church family loves to get together as often as we can and we especially hold dear particular annual events that have have become cherished and anticipated by the church and community. What follows is a list of those events – please call the church office for exact dates and details, or check out our calendar page.

Candlelight Christ Eve Service

10 p.m. on Christmas Eve we gather together in our church sanctuary to celebrate to birth of Jesus Christ with Christmas carols and a warm atmosphere of family love. The evening finishes with the song Silent Night as the entire congregation lights and hold single candles that bath the room in candlelight.

Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Cook-Off happens in February.  It is a competition where men square off against each other with their best chili recipies hoping to recieve the title “Chili Master” for one full year. Everyone in attendance get an opportunity to taste each chili and vote for their favorite one.  The winner takes home a trophy and the title of “Chili Master” .  Along with the chili, the ladies create delicious baked goods that are auctioned to help support women’s minitries and special needs.

Easter Sunday Celebration

Easter Sunday service is a powerful worship time together that includes, worship songs, baptisms, an Easter message, and a very unique fanaliy that includes baloons and confetti. We know that sounds crazy – but you just have to expereince it to undersand the atmosphere of complete celebration it creates.

Fall Fest

Fall Fest usually happens in October. It is an outside event that includes great food on our church grounds under the shelter behind the church building. We’ve had events in the past like, punkin chunkin, lawn mower races, classic car show, water melon races, and many other activities for adults and children.

Vacation Bible School

VBS takes place in June and is a true phenominon of chidlren’s ministries.  The entire church building is transformed into the themed empahsis for that years VBS.  For 4 evenings kids come to enjoy great music, treats, games, crafts, and entertaining and enlightening teaching by our VBS staff. It is an annual ministry of CCC that has lasting and eternal impact.

Ladies Christmas Dinner

Our ladies group is a very active ministry in the church that plans and hosts many events throughout the year.  One of those events is the Ladies Christmas Dinner. It consists of a catered dinner, beautiful music, and a special speaker.  The ladies often invite friends and family to this event and it leaves a warm and lasting impression.