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1 Mile North of Brazil, Indiana on HW 59
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Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana, is a church of imperfect people – if that describes you, come join us, you’ll fit right in!

MEN, JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST AT CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH THIS SATURDAY AT 8 AM. The food will be great, but even better will be the relationship and encouragement from your brothers as we share and pray together.


Join Christ Community Church in Brazil, Indiana for a special Memorial Day Service this Sunday at 10 AM. We are located just 1 Mile North of Brazil, Indiana on HW 59.
We will present a message titled, A Heritage of Courage, talking about how courage is embedded in the DNA of the American citizen, and how courage is under assault today as forces of darkness are fighting hard to convince good people that being docile and passive is godly.
The blood of founders and soldiers have seeded the battlefield with courage that calls out to us today to rise-up and follow their example to risk all for the greater prize.
We need a new awakening in America to understand what that greater prize is, and to what God has put us in this time and place for, and a passion to see it through no matter the cost.
Come join with us this Sunday to celebrate, remember, and be challenged to put it all on the line.

WE BEGIN a new sermon series titled The House of God. We will explore how God has  revealed the concept of “His House” through the generations.

Our journey will take us through the altars, tabernacle, temples, and indwelling of God in the hearts of the followers of Christ, we will finally culminate in the New Jerusalem, where God will tabernacle or dwell with His people forever.

Vacation Bible School 2017

This year’s VBS is June 5-9 from 6-8:45 PM and is called Operation Artic.  If your child is between age 3 (Potty trained only) and finishing 6th grade then please click the link below to register.

Each evening will be filled with skits, songs, crafts, snacks and incredible Bible stories.  Don’t miss it – signup right now!

Register Now!

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Jacob’s Altar

Any student of scripture hearing the cadence of the names, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, will immediately recognized these three generations as succeeding carriers of the promises of God.  Promises that included a people, blessing & protection, and that the Messiah...

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How Close Are We To The End?

Most of us have seen the blast-off of a rocket on TV.  We’ve heard the famous T-Minus countdown sequence –, “ignition sequence has started”, 2.1… “we have lift off”.  The engines burst with fire, the roar is deafening, and the power can be felt miles away as...

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You Were Born to Win

Because we were all created in the image of God, we all bear the finger print of God.  Meaning that even in a fallen state there remains a remnant of the Creator within us; certain qualities that have been embedded within human nature that point to our origin. One...

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Under the Fig Tree

In the first century, Jewish Rabbis would instruct their students to find a place of seclusion under an olive vine or fig tree to study and pray.  The first chapter of the Gospel of John tells us the story of a young man named Nathanael who was under a fig tree when...

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The Magnitude of God

God is big! When I say big, I don’t mean by dimension or size, I mean the magnitude of His reach and presence. The word magnitude is a word that’s used to describe the brightness of a star, or the power of an earthquake. The word tries to define the measure of His...

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Insights Into The Armor of God

I think it’s safe to say that when the topic of spiritual warfare is discussed, Ephesians chapter six is a go- to passage that illustrates how God has equipped the believer to function in a world hostile to righteousness. I’ve heard many perspectives as to its meaning...

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Weapons of Righteousness

The Apostle Paul saw himself as a Spiritual warrior.  He recognized that he was locked in deadly combat with demonic forces who were doing everything possible to stop him from taking the Gospel of Christ to the world. He was a man of peace, but also a man of war,...

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When the Guilty Go Free

We can divide people into three simple groups, the lost, the looking, and the found. The lost are those without God and content. They are mostly unaware of their condition and unfavorable standing before the creator of the universe. They move along the path of life...

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God Makes the Impossible, Possible

Ro 8:32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all– how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Our human mind has limits as to what we will allow ourselves to believe.  We make quick judgments based upon the situation and...

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